About us

409225_504518809572255_1517529184_nI was born and raised in Manali, a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. I grew up in a very creative household, my father was a professional photographer and I use to help him to deliver the photographs to customer. I was good in my study and painting was my hobby. I have won many awards in my school days. So after graduation I started a painting shop in Manali. After some time I went to Goa for selling my painting there I saw Tattoo work and started learning tattooing. I came back to Manali and started my own Tattoo Studio – Vood Manali

Now days I am working as a tattooist, photographer and painting artist in Manali. Please check my Schedule for availablity and travel locations. I do require a deposit to make appointments. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for me to take on every project, but I can make referrals for those

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